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Monday, 24 February 2014


Good morning guys!!

  Well, so to start with.. today is nothing but another day unrevealed!!

Umm.. have nothing special to write about so i think will just introduce my daily life out here first!!

So my day starts at 9:30am! Yes u got me right 9:30 it is as i sleep till 2am (typical teenager syndrome)!!
Then I get ready and head out to work! No, I am not collegian, reason being was laziness,party,roaming work :p Doesn't mean i am not graduating of course i know the importance of education so i am pursuing my arts degree through correspondence.The thought for taking up this was because getting up early and attending lectures was really not my thing! Aaand you should not do things that do not make you happie riiight!! :D

Anyway so you might be wondering what do i work then! Well i am into retailing. Still in my training stage. Working with a multinational company. Satisfied for now with my life! Not that I have to work for my livelihood, got greaqt parents by the grace of god! Just that the feeling of having earned my own money makes me feel gooood!! :D
At the least i wake up everyday looking forward for a new challenge rather then the same old college routine. ( Not that I'm Promoting correspondence way of graduating LOL!!)
So thats it for now..  Until next time..C'ya!! :D

A New Journey..!!

Hellloo everybody!!

    Well, honestly, just started this blog out of nothing.  I am a biig fan of all the lovely ladies out there who write such outstanding blogs and so, thought of trying my hand at it too. Hoping to be atleast a minutest star in the big, wide galaxy!!! Obviously with support from all you guys!  Anyway lets c how far I go..
For me..