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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lotus Herbal Pure Color Lipstick Carnation Review, LOTD....Love!!

 so, do we all agree that even though we have our closet over flooding with clothes from the best of brands..we still reach out to that cute lil thrifted top (or tank) every now and then for reasons being mainly a) super comfy fitting b) its can be styled with almost anything!!! (Okay may be just the case wit me..what?!! You too? :D) For me, its the same case with this lippy! I hv many other lippys in my stash but still every now and then when im rushing (which BTW im always) this lipstick is the only thng I reach out to! It immediately brightens up my face n makes me look glowy! Yes! May be coz its a creamy sheenish lippy! Priced at 250INR its one of my best buy!!

The packaging is average not that great looking but serves the purpose! I have it in my bag all the times and there are hardly times when the cap has come off! Yes it has! But lets nt blame it on the packaging i have my bag filled with tons of stuff and the way i throw it dump my bag here and there, lids coming off is obvious!

Al most over...i told ya!!!
Coming to the texture, i already mentioned its creamy. Pigmention is also semi opaque. It does show up prominently but if you are someone with lip pigmentation then be ready to play peek-a-boo because this cant be built up! The more u layer it the patchier it gets! x_x
It stays on me for 4-5 hrs with a few sips of water in between! It does leave back a slight peach tint while fading!

And this is how it looks on my lips...

Verdict: So all in all a superb color at a super affordable price! If u are someone who likes such color then i am definately recommending you to give this lippy a try!

Ps. Sorry for the typos in this post. Just a bit too used to with sms lingo! Promise will improve!!! :p

Pps. Not typos, typing mistake** i!!

Until next timee..C'yao!!! :*